Cement plant

1. Cement kilns

We are one of the most experienced suppliers of refractory linings for the cement manufacturing lines. Thanks to many years of experience gained in the construction of new cement kilns and their annual repairs, we can say that there has been a relatively large increase in the demand for quality and durability of the refractory linings. The main reason is the increasing use of alternative fuels, which are associated with formation of chemical compounds on the basis of Cl, F and SO2, which adversely affect the service life of the conventional refractory lining and the steel fasteners. At present the cement plants in which we operate, burn about 30 -70% alternative fuels (TAP or bone meal), which has a negative impact on the life of the refractory linings.

In cooperation with the manufacturers of firebricks and refractory concrete we responsibly recommend the most suitable type of material for the process conditions of a given cement manufacturing line. We do not prefer refractory concrete or fireclay material, so we can really choose the best quality and mutually combine materials from different manufacturers so that the result truly meets the purpose and use of the various parts of the cement line.

In the Cement Journal we published two articles on the topic:

1. Proposal of suspended ceilings made of shaped fireclay bricks (published 6/2014) 

2. Proposal of monolithic lining (published 9/2015).

2. Lime kilns in sugar refineries

We have extensive experience with lining of lime kilns in sugar refineries, which were plenty in the region of Haná. The most widely used are the simple shaft lime kilns with circular cross section and internal heating, where limestone is burned with the aid of coke. The lime kilns are continuous type furnaces, so the risk of thermal shock is minimal. 

Teplotechna DIS, s.r.o. performs either complete or partial replacement of magnesite and refractory lining and also lining repairs by gunning (gunned concrete) a layer of a suitable refractory concrete.

Condition of the lining greatly affects the way of operation of the lime plant and dispensing the mixture of coke and limestone. Due to improper stratification of coke in the mixture there occurs local overburning of lining.

3. Lime kilns for the manufacturing of lime

    a. Maertz type lime kilns and other shaft furnaces

Our employees have participated in the construction of refractory lining for Maertz type blast furnaces in lime kilns Varin (Dolvap, s.r.o.) and Čertovy schody (Lhoist Group) and the installation of a blast furnace in Kotouč Štramberk, s.r.o.

   b. Line for the production of lime with a rotary kiln (PSP Engineering design)

The line consists of a pre-calciner, rotary kiln, hot head and a shaft cooler, the system of lining is similar to the one of cement kilns. We are able to offer documentation for the lining, material supply and installation of lining in the lime lines.


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