About us

Company Teplotechna DIS s.r.o came into existence in 1998 from former employees of state compnay Teplotechna PKZ, which designed all projects for other branches of Teplotechna and Teplotechna DIZ, which realized deliveries in ČR and abroad.

By establishing a team of workers having longtime experience in the design of linings, in the field of realization and skilled and technically experienced bricklayers the company began, which was able to achieve its goals in field of refractory linings of heat technical aggregates.

Our experienced team is consisting of:

  •  technical-administration stuff
  •  designers
  •  qualified workers of fireclay works ,welding works of auxiliary construction and others
  •  according to a need we are able to provide on bigger projects others experienced bricklayers, carpenters and locksmiths.

History and present

Teplotechna DIS is longstanding, stable, and has skilled employees, who have longtime experiences from the former state company Teplotechna Olomouc in the field of design as well as in the fields of execution of all offered activities.

At the present time the company operates in the Czech and European market, where we have a stable position. Lately we have been working mostly on linings of cement lines, limestone kilns, chemical vessels, and power and heat appliances.

Furthermore we realize linings of other heat- industrial appliances, such as- brick kilns, zinc coating kilns, glass kilns, roast kilns and other devices which needs refractory linings.

Our longstanding experiences allows us to go for new challenges, where are very strict requirements for surface temperature and heat losses.

Our "Know-How" helped us during lining realization of aggregates for hydrogen productions, which were mostly delivered to chemical plants in Russia. Teplotechna is also certified supplier for refractory lining for Haldor Topsoe hydrogen units.