Kilns and other devices

Teplotechna DIS also delivers linings to other devices and furnaces.

1. Tunnel furnaces

Linings assembly of tunnel kiln in Tondach- Hranice na Moravě and Nitranke Pravno

2. Glass furnaces

Lining assembly in glass factory in Klatovy, Lednicke Rovne, Greece and Holland

3. Malt roaster

Linings of approximately 10 pcs of malt roaster has been designed and assembled by our company. These roaster are situated in CR, Poland, Latvia and France

4. EZOP device

In 2009 we designed, delivered and installed lining of a device for production of electricity by combustion of wooden waste - EZOP with output 100 kWe. This appliance was a challenge, just simply because of a fact that it was a prototype. It was commissioned at a dump ground. The device is composed of burner chamber, combustion chamber, cyclone, pipeline and heat exchanger.


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