Drying and tempering of linings

Drying out of refractory linings provide proper removing of free bound water in linings, which are then able to gain required physical and mechanical properties.

Dry out

is mostly done by hot flue gasses from external dry out burners, according to a given dry out curve up to temperature of 350°C.

Teplotechna DIS provides:

  • Lining dry out of all heat units
  • Diagnostic control measurement of thermal works of furnaces (temperature, pressure, quantity and emission)
  • Adjusting of furnaces heating system

We have more than 30 years professional experiences with design, installation, diagnostic and putting all type of industrial furnaces into operation.

Teplotechna DIS is a reliable partner for the solving your thermal-technical problems of industrial furnaces engineering, metallurgical, ceramic, glass, cement, chemical industries and energy- boilers and incinerators.