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Teplotechna DIS based on experience of our designers, who in period of massive construction of power plant and heat boilers from 60 years of last century, designed all these types of boilers. Most of documentation of authentic boilers, we have managed to keep, is a huge advantage during repair realization of boilers linings.

We have gathered experiences from following types of boilers:

1. Water tube boilers

1.1 Water drum boilers (1,2,3 drums boilers)
1.2 Chamber boilers
1.3 radiation boilers with natural circulation (ČKD Praga- Tarta, ČKD oil and gas)
1.4 radiation boilers with forced circulation up to 100 atp (ČKD powder, oil and gas, Loffler, La Mont, ZSMK Tlamače)
1.5 High pressure boilers with pressure above 100atp

2. Firebox and section boilers

- ŽD Bohumín- Litinové (VSB,E, ECA, EMKA, LIGNO, ETERNA)

3. Fluid boilers

FBC ( fluidized bed combustion)

4. Wood chips boilers

Wood bio-mass boilers

With increasing popularity of alternative fuels, increase also demands for boilers combusting wooden bio-mass. In last 10 years we have designed and delivered linings for more than 21 pcs of these boilers with output from 1 to 10MW

Boiler is self bearing, all welded section construction. It is composed of two parts- steel box and pressure vessel. lower part is formed by fireplace with movable inclined fire grate. Box of boilers include channels and nozzles for air distribution, peep hole and man hole. Temperature of gases in combustion space is around 1100-1200°C.

Weight of refractory lining is between 20-36t, depending on boilers output

Lining is made from fireclay, anchored to the steel boiler shell. In places of manholes and jets, castable linings material are used. After lining is done, drying out is neccessary to be made.


Supply of new refractory lining or repairs of lining were done of following boilers:

- TTS Energo

- Buttner Energy Dryer

- Kohlblach

- Vyncke

- Step Trutnov

- KPA Unicon

- Ekol Brno

- Dotec Energo


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